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RTS Infrastructure Strengthens Brand to Reflect Expanded Service Offerings for the Railway Industry

RTS are a leading player in the railway industry and have undergone a comprehensive brand refresh aimed at better representing the diverse range of services it offers. Formerly focused on delivering depot services, RTS has transformed itself into a comprehensive solution provider, catering to the evolving needs of the railway sector. This strategic move positions RTS as a leader in the industry, capable of providing end-to-end services for all aspects of rail depot and infrastructure design, build and operation.

The new brand identity represents RTS's commitment to innovation, agility, and cutting-edge technologies, while reflecting its determination to revolutionise railway solutions.

A wide range of services are now offered to meet the varied requirements of the railway industry. In addition to depot services, RTS now specialises in infrastructure development and design, maintenance and upgrades, technology integration, sustainability initiatives, and training and workforce development. These expanded service offerings enable RTS to address the diverse challenges faced by railway companies, positioning them as a comprehensive one-stop solution provider.

Refreshing the RTS brand not only benefits the company itself but also has significant implications for the railway industry as a whole. By embracing a more comprehensive service portfolio, RTS encourages collaboration and innovation among industry stakeholders. This shift opens the door for potential partnerships and alliances, fostering a network of expertise that drives growth and improves overall operational efficiency within the railway sector. The brand refresh serves as a clear indication of RTS's commitment to leading the industry forward and inspiring others to embrace transformative change.


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