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Depot Plan and Facilities
holbeck carriage wash.png

Carriage Wash

We operate a modern automated external carriage wash plant and underframe wash, integrated into the Holbeck depot facility operations. Substantial investment in the equipment and processes is delivering significant improvements to body side cleanliness.

holbeck refuelling.png

Fuelling Roads

RTS has installed an ultra-modern fully automated bonded refuelling facility “fuel road” designed for multiple pump/unit configurations, delivering bulk quantities of up to 75,000 litres in a 24-hour period. In addition, RTS provides all operational fluid replenishment facilities including:

  • Tanking water systems.

  • AdBlue.

  • Coolant storage and point of use delivery.

  • Oil storage and point of use delivery.

  • Sanding box replenishment.

holbeck stabling.png

Train Stabling

With over 1.7 km of network connected track, Holbeck depot currently caters for up to 40 rail vehicles stabled at any one time. This will be expanding to 68 vehicles over the coming months.

train presentation.png

Train Presentation

Existing interior light and heavy train cleaning facilities are utilised as part of the planned diagrams and cleaning regimes. RTS are currently working with Northern Trains on a unit front end cleaning programme to ensure all visible areas of a vehicle are presented in the best possible condition.

holbeck maint shed.png

Maintenance Shed

The maintenance shed supports numerous maintenance and refurbishment projects for both rolling stock and major OTM plant. The shed facilities include:

  • 200 metre covered “maintenance roads”

  • Pitted road access

  • 5 tonne overhead crane

  • 4 x 20 tonne heavy duty lifting jacks

  • 2 x 100cfn compressed air main system

  • 415v, 240v, 110v services

  • Welding equipment

  • Fume extraction

  • Dedicated workshop area

  • Existing access platforms

  • Secure storage areas

  • Office facilities

mobile cet.png

Mobile CET Servicing

RTS recently installed a modern, mobile CET system at the depot to support improving the train presentation and service quality for passengers. This system is operated by RTS staff and caters for retention tank emptying and returning toilet facilities back into service.

Holbeck depot layout.png
holbeck welfare.png

Welfare and Office Facilities

RTS provides union approved and inspected welfare facilities for driving and engineering support staff. Recently refurbished and modernized welfare facilities include offices with high-speed broadband and dedicated IS links.

holbeck loading.png

Road On/Off Tracking

Our Holbeck depot train care services provides a dedicated rail connected passenger vehicle loading and offloading facility for road haulage in the Yorkshire area.


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